Jan 1, 2009

Is this thing on?

Oh gosh. Talk about blog neglect! Or rather, let's not. Let's just say it's been one very busy season and leave it at that. I received lots of lovely things, some as gifts, others as a result of some excellent sales on eBay. Sadly, I've been too stinkin' busy to do a thing with them! Soon. Trust me. No, really. I'm serious. Okay, just don't go on my definition of "soon". Or on my card sending schedule (no heckling from the peanut gallery, Becks!). I have some lovely new stamps, courtesy of a nice place in the UK and equally nice place on the East Coast. So cards are in the making. I've even managed to find some of my favorite stamping tools and they're just waiting for me to put them to use. I've even got a review or two in the making as I got some fab new tools. 2009 will be a year full of blog posts or my name isn't Yosemite Sam! Okay, so it isn't, but there's lots of blog posts in me, I just know it!

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~ RebekahBoo said...

Sorry, but the peanut gallery has to comment anyway. But they are sugar coated peanuts....

The wait makes the receiving even more sweet. *grin*