Dec 2, 2012

Going Green

And red!  Green and Red are the challenge up at Doodle Dragon Studios this time around.  I have to admit that while I love green and red, wearing them frequently, I don't intermingle them.  Red and green together simple are not my color wave so this was particularly challenging for me.  So much so that I didn't color these images.  (Gasp!)  I know! 

Charming, right?  I have a fondness for flamingos and once decorated a friends new trailer house yard with a liberal application of them while he was away on his honeymoon.  Because that is the sort of friend I am. 

 This paper is part of a quite old Christmas collection by Debbie Mumm with a liberal application of black ink around the edges.  I think I may have been a bit distressed by the color choices so went a bit overboard on distressing the paper.  The Joy is cut with my Cricut using Opposites Attract cartridge.

While I was hunting down the flamingos (these images have been around for quite a while, so it took some looking!), I came across this fine gentleman.
 I have to believe this is how the big man is getting gifts to our troops over seas!  Isn't he perfect with this red and green striped paper?  I haven't a clue where this paper is from as I just had one card sized scrap tucked near the bottom of my scrap bin.  To be honest, I don't remember buying a sheet of this as I have that whole red and green thing.  Best guess is that is is a left over from a group card making project with friends.

And finally, having been overcome by the whole red and green thing, I drifted towards more comfortable colors.  My reds went pink and my greens went a bit on the minty side.  It suited this charming Santa and his "reindeer" don't you think?

I discovered an alarming bit of business when I went to photograph this card.  For all it's charm, it is assembled upside down.  Which means that if you were receive this card from me and in delight, perch it in a place of honor upon your mantle piece, it would sit like so:

 Fortunately for me, I have the perfect friend to send this to.  I'm sure she will appreciate the humor behind an upside down flamingo Santa.

Go forth and craft, people.  Remember you MUST use a Doodle Dragon Studios image and be done up in shades of red and green.  Be sure to stroll past the rest of the design team and check out their cards.  They'll be more red and green than pink and mint, I promise!

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